Wonersh and Shamley Green

Church of England Primary School

Guildford Road, Shamley Green, Surrey, GU5 0RT, United Kingdom



School Off Site Visits

Please sign and return the permission slip so that your child can take part in off-site visits. We like to use the local area for walks in the village and to church.   PERMISSION SLIP

You will always be informed if children are working off-site and for some trips we may ask you for a voluntary contribution towards the costs of coaches and admission charges. Please send your voluntary contribution in to school promptly to help the office with organisation of trips.  

For families who are experiencing financial difficulties we have a school fund that may be able to help. Please ask in the office. Your request will be treated confidentially. We ask parents to consider contributing what they are able to afford. 


See the School Calendar for Off Site Visits this term.