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We are the Newspaper and Media Council and this is our Pupil Newspaper Blog.  We ask children to write articles about what is going on in school and then we publish them here.  We hope you enjoy our blog.

 February 2023

WSG House Bake Off!


We started off by everyone making their very own cupcake with their own design. They were tasted and judged by Mr Wiselka, Miss Bolton and Miss Chafey. It was a very tough decision (tough work out after). Unfortunately, not everyone could make it to the final and the people who needed to leave, went out of the competition. Four teams were in the final: Hazel, Beech, Oak and Willow! 

Hazel: Chloe T, Esther, Amy U

Beech: Ben R, Amelia W, Martha

Oak: Tyler, Sophie, Florence 

Willow: Wilfred, Noah A, Joseph.

Only one team could win. In joint third and fourth was Hazel and Willow, which now left us with the last two. In second place was…. Beech which means Oak takes the win for the house bake off!!! 


By Molly and Hope, Year 6 


February 2023


A group of year 2 children had an ECO day in January. When Year 2 arrived on the 26th January at the Cathedral in Guildford, first they wanted to find out which human device made the most carbon dioxide (Co2). Then they put plasters on the countries that need our ideas because we have been recycling for a long time. After that they drew animals and underneath they wrote “please” as they need our help. Then they made a bag out of newspaper. And last but not least, they picked a dead butterfly and took it home where they can bury it so it will help a tree to grow.

By Wilfred and Rory (Y3)


January 2023

Year 5 at the O2

On the 24th of January Year 5 went to the O2 with Mr Godwin, Mrs Fuller and Mrs White. Mr Godwin thought it was the best day ever and the children loved it! We were singing songs as a choir with children from other schools.
Everyone in Year 5 enjoyed singing at the O2 and I hope the parents enjoyed it as much as the children did.

Did you know?
The O2 is the biggest stadium in the country and was opened on the 24th of June 2007.


By Tom, Jasper, Harrison and Noah BG




November 2022

Netball tournament at Tillingbourne School


On the 3rd of November Y6 girls had a Netball Match at Tillingbourne school. There we played a match of 4 quarters. The first quarter we won 1-0, Hope scored a flabbergasting goal. The second quarter we won 4-0, Lily scored a breathtaking goal from the edge of the D, The other three goals were scored by Hope. On the third quarter we drew 2-2,Lily scored both these amazing goals for our team! In the last quarter we…won 2-0, both goals scored by hope!  Our goal keeper, Tiwa saved some high shots! Our amazing defence, Robyn and Molly intercepted some hard passes.In the middle, Lola,Esme G and Esme P did some great passes and Runs. Up the top, we had Hope and Lily, who had loads of amazing shots. Due to our great teamwork and skills, we successfully won with a score of 9-2!! We are so proud of the netball girls! We hope that we continue this great game playing throughout the year.


By Lola and Hope and Molly


November 2022

Year 6 Trip to Henley fort


On Wednesday 19th October year 6 went to Henley Fort. Our teachers split us into groups; one group did the Homeguard training and the other group did ARS Warden training.

The HomeGuard used guns (they did not have real bullets in them) and did lots of shouting.

In the ARP training we went into different shelters and experienced gas attacks.

We learnt lots and it was an amazing trip.


by Kiera


October 2022

Year 4 at Sayers Croft

We played some games about the water cycle, mapping and also compass trailing.Then we went into the forest and went into the river called Coneyhurst Gill and we also put clay on our face.We also studied its speed and depth of the meanders and found out that the meander is deeper and faster on the outer bend. We sketched the meander and found  animals in the river. Then we had lunch. After that we went to the adventure playground and had lots of fun and went home.



October 2022

WSG Girls Football Tournament               

On 27th September the Y5 and Y6 girls had a football tournament at Glebelands Secondary School.  In the Tournament we played against 3 different primary schools. We started the tournament with a game playing against Saint Cuthbert Mayne. They were a good team and played well but we ended up winning 2-0.  For our second game we played Parkmead. Although it started raining, our team kept on going and ended up winning 3-2!  We started 1-0 down and Rose up to 3-1. In the end, they scored a goal making it 3-2.   Our last game we played Cranleigh Primary. It had stopped raining. Both the teams played very well but in the end we won 2-1.  Overall we won the whole tournament coming in first place!  

by Lola and Molly


October 2022

Pupil Parliament at WSG

There are 11 different Parliament roles:

  • Reading Council
  • Eco council
  • Wellbeing Council
  • Ambassadors
  • Fundraising Council
  • Resident artists
  • Food council
  • Playleaders
  • Sports council

And the Newspaper Council.

All of these roles have a special purpose. For example: Play leaders make children enjoy playtime. This is all new so it's interesting and exciting. Don’t worry though, only key stage 2 has got a role. Each council has a teacher, for example, the Sports council has Mr Wiselka. We have all had a meeting with our council, so we know who is in our group.

Written by Sebe + Robyn


October 2022

Christmas Card Competition

Esme Purslow and Amber Southgate who are in year 6 , have introduced a Christmas card competition for  the school .   Our MP, Angela Richerdson is holding a competition with schools in Guildford. Whoever wins their card will be sent  around Guildford. Not only is it your design on the front, your name, year and school will be inside the Christmas card! In the celebration assembly on friday, Esme and Amber stood up in front of the school and fully explained the competition, all the years showed some inspiration. This competition is meant to be fun, good luck!

By Esme P and Esme G


October 2022

House Points Update

In first place is oak with 1778 

In second place is hazel with 1734

In third place is willow with 1750

In forth place is beech with 1510


Well done to everyone, keep going with the hard work.  All houses have completed house football . The results were 2 wins from hazel and 1 from oak Next house event is cross country.

By Rupert


October 2022

Eco Council

The eco council are focusing on switching off lights because of rising energy bills that the school has.  Currently we are focusing on lowering food waste and increasing the recycling  because of rising temperatures.  We are hearing from other children in different classes to see what they want to change in the environment.

By Ben and Noah A