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Children's artwork,  poetry and creations during the COVID 19 Crisis. Click on a photo to enlareg and scroll through

Year 2 have finished this term with a Design Technology challenge to make animated images.

We hope you enjoy their PowerPoint.

Year 2 have been designing googles about all the things they love doing during the lockdown and thank you to the NHS.

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Year 6 have been making their own interpretations. of famous works of art. 

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Year 2 Pop Ups

Chefs of Y6

Acrostic Poem - Spring By  Emily E Year 6

S- Shimmering Sun slowly soaring across a sapphire blanket, passing a fragile pillow of fluff - the sky seems never ending.

P- Primroses and Poppies, playing in the jade grass; almost smiling in the warmth of the sun - their blossom seems never ending.

R- Roses, delicately blooming; their ruby red petals reaching out to their adjacent friends, like holding hands - their harmony seems never ending.

I- Icy wind melting to the ground; no more shadows now, the glow of the sunshine and a small bud appearing in its place - the light seems never ending.

N- Nose tickling to the scent of daffodils, carefully crouching to the floor, sniffing out the smell of the new life awakening once again - the wonder of nature seems never ending.

G- Glass-eyed bluetits transfixed by the world around it, wondering how fascinating the change from season to season has become - now the spring seems never ending.


In Year 5 children have been thinking about Child Slave Labour as happened in the industrial revolution and sadly still today - their poems reflect the feelings of those children.

I just want to go home.      By Georgina Year 5                                  

The work is tough,

I just want to go home,

Bearfoot with pins on the ground,

I just want to go home,

Smoke burns my lungs,

I just want to go home,

Tears flowing down my face,

I just want to go home,

My clothes are as dirty as my body,

I just want to go home,

I am tamed like a dog,

I just want to go home,

My hands are blistered and sore,

I just want to go home,

I remember picking flowers in the meadow,

I just want to go home,

Once the day's work is done I go home,

And then I do it all again.


My life in a murky hole.

by Freddie 

The coal mine is as dark as a raven’s heart,

I feel that the twinkling stars are a world apart.

I plod with heavy steps,

I am living in the deep, dirty, damp depths.


My eyes are black like soot and my heart is full of fear,

My hands are heavy glass that look so clear.

But the mine is gloomy and glum,

And I wish I could see my mum.


As everyday I become sadder and sadder,

I begin to wish that there was a magic ladder.

To take me up there to the world above,

So I can be free and my heart will be full of love.  


Class Creed by Daniel  (Y5)

We believe that people in our class, who get upset, should never feel alone.

We believe that everyone in our class should help each other, and respect other children in school.

We believe that winning is not always possible, and trying your best and being determined, is the best way to achieve things.

We believe that being positive in our learning is important to the class, so we can move forward.

We believe that listening is good for the class because it will help you understand how to learn.

We believe that we should encourage people to play nicely because we all need to get along.


My COVID 19 creed by Daniel  (Y5)

I believe that people should try not to worry about COVID 19 and stay at their homes.

I believe that clapping for the NHS, is a positive act to the world and shows that we care.

I believe that people should not panic buy TP, food, and medicine for no reason.

I believe that the virus will go away by July if people don’t be silly.